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La Room's Cut | Agence digitale créative
La Room's Cut | Agence digitale créative


@La room we believe that music, visual arts, theater, dance, literature, gastronomy, sport - as well as any artistic and cultural expression - are, beyond the consumer product, the expression of a common and universal need which calls for a very unique approach to communication. We are responding to this demand by building innovation scenarios capable of integrating the constraints of the present as well as supporting cultural protagonist in future digital developments. Polymorphic & protean, the Room is a factory of experiences, stretched between real economy and digital utopia. It is defined by a plural language zone: motion, information architectures and user experience. Our mission is to shed light on where ideas and brands allow tomorrow to be better than today. We are partisans of the illusions that nourish the imaginations and believe in the governance of the stars.


Vincent Vega

Brand strategy /
Support / Case Study

The rules have changed. What is true today, may not be true tomorrow. Take a deep breath! We’re here to help you put your needs into words and make the best decisions together.

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Immersive Content / Interactive Content Webdesign / Ui / Ux
Film & Video

Your communication tools are the extension of your brand. They represent you and deliver your message. Here we also want them to be a unique experience. We weave together the graphic and editorial elements that make up the story of your brand.

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Prince de Bel Air

Social Media / Insight
Street Marketing

To have the message is one thing, to deliver it is another. If shouting out loud will get attention, having the right tone will put you at the center of attention! Together we will see how to reach your interlocutors and create emotion.

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